Privacy Policy at Instant Mailing Lists P/L: Instant Mailing Lists P/L supports the protection of consumers' privacy rights as a fundamental element of our business. Both from the company and the employee level, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security in the way we conduct our business. Instant Mailing Lists P/L and its associates pledge to conduct their business according to the following principles. Instant Mailing Lists P/L recognises that consumers have rights over the use and dissemination of information about themselves. Instant Mailing Lists P/L adheres to the National Privacy Principles, which can be found at These form the basis of the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, which controls the use of personal data.

Notice - Instant Mailing Lists P/L brokers and resells databases containing information on many of the businesses in Australia for companies to use in their marketing efforts. Instant Mailing Lists P/L only sells data that is privacy compliant.

Choice - Instant Mailing Lists P/L is careful to recognise any valid requests from individuals to suppress their names from our clients' marketing efforts and have sophisticated systems in place to ensure this suppression.

Compliance - Instant Mailing Lists P/L is fully compliant with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act of 2000 of Australia, which can be viewed at Instant Mailing Lists P/L also operates within the requirements of Australian privacy legislation.

Instant Mailing Lists P/L fully supports and conforms to the guidelines set down in the Australian Direct Marketing (ADMA) Code of Practice which can be found at Instant Mailing Lists P/L supports industry self-regulation and believes such actions are the best way to protect the privacy of the consumer. Instant Mailing Lists P/L also supports legislation and regulatory efforts to introduce fair and workable guidelines that protect the privacy of the consumers and also allow the consumer to continue receiving the benefits that sophisticated marketing techniques provide. We encourage the application of ADMA's Do-Not-Mail.

Ethical Relationships - Instant Mailing Lists P/L pledges to conduct our relationships with both customers and other information providers in an ethical and professional manner. Instant Mailing Lists P/L includes in our client and supplier contracts a commitment that any data sent to us has been legally obtained and that the client's subsequent use of any data received from us will be in compliance with all data protection laws, as well as applicable industry information practices.

Awareness - The management at Instant Mailing Lists P/L ensures that relevant information is disseminated in a timely way throughout the organisation. Instant Mailing Lists P/L uses a variety of resources to stay informed about developments in legislation and regulation. We provide ongoing education to our employees on Instant Mailing Lists P/L's privacy policy and procedures, as well as, on the privacy legislation and accepted practices under which Instant Mailing Lists P/L operates. As changes in legislation or industry practices occur, special education is provided to update our employees. All new employees sign confidentiality agreements as a condition of employment with us.

Accuracy - Instant Mailing Lists P/L's business is to provide data to companies for use in marketing campaigns. Instant Mailing Lists P/L responds promptly to any question about the accuracy of information from our customers and the consumer.

Security - Instant Mailing Lists P/L maintains strict security procedures to ensure that information will not be made available to any unauthorized person or business.

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